Personal Digital Space- Simplified!

Nokpage is a world in itself, but a better one.

Why Nokpage

You know you are in for good times when people are constantly trying to outdo each other in providing a better product to make our life as comfortable as possible. Nokpage is one such product.

Are you yearning for a more secured digital space where in you can keep your personal information just to yourself or share the same with only people you wish to? Concerned over your web image? Looking for a personalized digital experience? Want to break free from shackles of restrictions, privacy and theft or misuse of your information?

NokPage is an avant-garde platform which has been designed and developed with a view to provide genuinely personalized web experience. Here, users can create notes, upload and store files they wish to, share stuff with their friends, email, set alerts or reminders and much more and that too without having to bother over their personal communications becoming more public or being intercepted or misused…

Yes, NokPage offers personalized digital space. It is a platform where you can indulge in more privacy......

With privacy and security of your data on top of our mind, NokPage came into being.

what we offer

Nokpage is an initiative in support of the Digital India program to reduce unnecessary wastage of paper, time and human efforts. This is the centralized system to store and use the documents and information online of the User to reduce the wastage of time, paper and manpower.


Bill Receiving and Payment

Nokpage provides comprehensive private electronic billing and payment solutions that enable thousands of Service Providers to give their Users the convenience of receiving and paying their bills online.

Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for consumers and businesses to View and pay their bills, as well as maintain complete control over their financial activities.

Digital Storage

Cloud storage is an increasingly popular tool for every Individual because it enables them to access and share files from just about any Internet-connected device while providing a safe place for documents to be stored without the risk of losing information.

It’s also a useful resource to have on your side when working on group projects because our services let multiple users edit files simultaneously.

Digital Diary

Keep teachers, students and parents up-to-date with announcements, newsletters, notices, events, school policies and targeted push notifications. Nokpage makes assigning homework to a student, class or multiple classes simple.

It’s a time saver for teachers and also ensures parents are kept in the loop with student progress.

Private Digital Space

Organizations that are registered with Nokpage can provide electronic copies of documents and certificates directly to the Users.

It acts as a Web-based external hard drive without the clunky hardware; a data backup source for disaster recovery; a file-sharing platform to collaborate with or send supersize files to clients, contacts and colleagues; and a productivity tool for anything, anytime and anywhere access to your files from any device.

  • Day Planner

    Plan your appointments, get reminders, and send appointments.

  • News

    Get daily news across the world and your local areas

  • Payments

    Make all your bill payments from one place; automate the payments so that you never miss a deadline.

  • Gallery

    Save your photos and videos, categorize them and set them on a time line.

  • Contacts

    Keep the complete contact list without ever losing them.

  • Quick Notes

    Make easy convenient and quick notes wherever and whenever.

  • Notifications

    Get notified about all the updates in any of your apps.

  • Chat

    Your contacts are not only safe but also can be contacted through audio/video/text chatting.

  • Calendar

    Simplify your appointments with the calendar and glance at all your activities for the day with reminders.

Who are We

A Passionate team, with innovative approach is the hallmark of Nokpage Technologies .We are a flat organization and rely on highly trained and experienced Team who has a voice in decisions as a team share a common belief that there are better, as yet untapped, ways sharing, collaborating and managing online activity.

We also share a vision that some of our methods will give a new definition for personal digital space.

"Nokpage is exactly opposite to everything you have been using so far: It doesn’t eat away your time; It saves your time, lots of it. It offers a super-efficient way to organize your day to day activities and never force-feeds you with the information you don’t require"

Manage multiple apps or Simply have a Nokpage to manage everything in life!
Personal Digital Space - Simplified!

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